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Bissap Classic

As deep in color as it is rich in flavour, Bissap Classic ™ is intensely flavorful and incredibly refreshening. With its full-bodied texture and ever so delicate fizz, it forms the perfect companion for light lunches, hearty dinners or even just slowly sipped with nothing but chilled ice and dreamy views.

Ingredients: Water, Cane sugar, Roselle leaves, Flavouring.

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Bissap Ginger™

A bold take on a timeless classic. Bissap Ginger adds complex new layers and a tantalizing flavour profile to the original Bissap drink. The slightly sweet form and its subtle peppery bite lend it to being perfect poised for the mixologist at heart. Garnish it with zesty lemon, add it to your favourite brown liquor or simply indulge in it unencumbered by accompaniments, the options are endless with Bissap Ginger™.

Ingredients: Water, Cane sugar, Roselle leaves, Ginger Flavour, Flavouring.

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