The Origins

Entwined with the familiar scents of happy days, hearty laughter and the soothing comfort of family gatherings, Bissap™ simply tastes like home. The refreshing traditional brew encapsulates the beautiful complexity in the favoured drink of the people from nations near and far. In our bottled iteration we seek to honour its rich roots, exalt its cultural reverence and immortalize the memories made over a shared ice-cold glass. This is Bissap™, a taste of that which should be savoured… our heritage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bissap?

Bissap is a traditional beverage made from the species of hibiscus flower known as Roselle.

Where can I buy Bissap™?

Bissap is currently only available in our online store however lookout for us soon in your nearest leading retailer.

Is Bissap™ healthy to drink?

Bissap does not claim to be a health-based drink but rather a refreshing social beverage. The main ingredient in both our Bissap Original and Ginger flavours is Roselle, which has gained popularity as a herbal plant that people may use as a source of Vitamin C and assist with lowering high blood pressure. Kindly review our label for a complete list of ingredients.

Is Bissap™ alcoholic?

Bissap contain no alcohol.

What are the ingredients in Bissap™?

Our Bissap is made from Roselle leaves, Water, Cane Sugar and natural Flavouring .